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innovative health products for mental wellness, that meet the highest customer expectations


natural super-ingredients, scientifically proven.


to be as ecofriendly as possible.

Saffranum premium label

"Don't wait for something special. Make it special !"

Katrien Mylle (Co-founder Moodlab)

We believe in : 

  • Continuous quest for developments in the field of ingredients & unique, innovative and high quality raw materials.
  • No mysterious ingredients, but pure plants.
  • Thorough control and close collaborations with top experts and suppliers to achieve a high-quality and affordable product.
  • Enthusiastic multidisciplinary team where everyone contributes knowledge from their field. Together we want to bring high quality, scientifically based and fair products to the market.
  • Close cooperation with experts such as psychologists, therapists, burnout coaches, pharmacists,...
  • Great availability of our products. We offer them through our web shop, but also via the online pharmacy or your pharmacy around the corner.
  • Providing people with the right support with one goal in mind: a healthy mind in a healthy body.
  • With full conviction
Saffranum premium label


About us :

 the result of years of research & passion.


"Moodlab was born out of our - Johan and me -  years of passion, interest, conviction and experience in the field of ‘natural beauty and health’. 

Since 2012 Johan,  owner at that time of a company in dietary supplements and natural cosmetics, has immersed himself in the ingredient saffron. He studied all applications and became increasingly convinced of the broad beneficial effect of saffron. Johan went in search of the highest quality of this special red gold. 

From my role as General Manager, I was confronted with the growing burnout problem. As a people manager, I trained to dedect burnouts and deal with them . Unfortunately, I found that year after year more people, both from my team and within other companies, dropped out for longer periods. 

Various causes can be at the root of burnout: more stress in the workplace, increased pressure in our private lives. Everywhere we want to perform optimally... the combination of work and private life suddenly becomes too much, and we are burnt out.

Thus came the idea to join forces and bring natural, qualitative nutraceuticals with Saffranum® as the basis. Moodlab was born!

I am very pleased that today we can provide specific support to every question with our high-quality Moodlab products.

Because you are special and entitled to a healthy mind in a healthy body

                                                      Katrien Mylle

                                                      General Manager & Co-founder


Saffranum premium label

Positive Mind

A little jar of happiness from nature

Reduces your lethargy1, improves your mood1 and provides support for your mental dip1

Reduces your fatigue², improves your physical readiness² and gives energy² in times of a mental and physical dip.

Positive Mind & Relax helps to maintain an emotional balance1, a positive attitude1 and physical performance such as resistance against temporary stress² en inner unrest².

Positive Mind & Sleep

Positive mind & Sleep promote next to a good mood¹, to fall asleep², support a healthy sleep² . So you wake up rested and fit in the morning.

Supports memory, learning, concentration, motivation² & contributes to the maintenance of good cognitive function²