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Positive Focus & Memory

Memory on edge

Supports memory, learning, concentration, motivation² & contributes to the maintenance of good cognitive function²

Is your brain let you down?

To your succes !

A well-functioning memory is an important success factor for students and the active person. A nutritional supplement such as Positive Focus & Memory that supports memory, concentration & motivation² is therefore a welcome help.

As we age, the cells of the entire body, including those of our brain, age. Positive Focus & Memory helps maintain memory & cognition².


The power of
Positive Focus & Memory

For young and old

Are you a student who has difficulty maintaining focus? You work hard on your career and you sometimes have trouble concentrating, you suffer from intellectual fatigue ? Are you an active senior who realizes that your memory sometimes lets you down?

Due to its nootropic formula, Positive Focus & Memory is suitable for everyone.

TRIPLE action
Positive Focus & Memory brings the boost you need to sharpen your memory². The strong combination of the 3 plants provides extra concentration, motivation, extra learning capacity and a sharp memory².

Scientifically proven

Positive Focus & Memory contains the extremely high-quality Saffranum®, originating from the high-quality Crocus Sativus stamps. Both Saffron¹, Ginkgo Biloba² and Bacopa Monnieri² have sufficient studies to support the impact on the brain.

Of course with the use of the correct and sufficient active substances of these plants.

the SYNERGy of ingredients

100% natural botanicals

Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo Biloba or Japanese Temple Tree promotes blood flow throughout the body, including in the small capillaries of the brain. is known for its strong effect on concentration, learning performance and memory.

Bacopa Monnieri
Bacopa Monnieri has been used for years in Ayurvedic medicine and is sometimes referred to as the Alzheimer's plant. The active substances are the bacosides, which contribute to the proper functioning of the memory.

Het is bekend dat saffraan¹ de gemoedstoestand verbetert, maar saffraan ondersteunt ook het BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor), vrij vertaald : zenuwcelstimulerende factor in de hersenen. BDNF is een essentiële bouwsteen voor het brein.


Your ideal dosage

Starting dose

For a cure, for example, in case of intellectual fatigue or when studying, we recommend 2 capsules per day.

To be taken every morning



Maintenance dose

In a preventive approach to support long-term memory, we recommend 1 capsule per day.

To be taken every morning

Positive Focus & Memory can be taken for a long time.



Positive Focus & Memory can be combined with the other supplements from the Moodlab range.

“I went through a difficult period.”

After my divorce, I quickly started to feel gloomy feelings and depressive. That's why my doctor prescribed anti-depressants to me some time ago, but I didn't like that from the start. I feel much better in taking a natural product and so I started looking for it. Positive Mind & Balance has made a big difference for me personally.

V.L. (woman, 49 y)

"There was too much emotional pressure."

I used to take an energy preparation when I was feeling tired, but when my husband got sick that was no longer enough. In addition to the daily pressure, I suddenly got a heavy emotional pressure on top. I was looking for a natural aid and found in Positive Mind and Energy the ideal supplement to be positive again and with more energy in my daily life.

S.L. (Woman, 57)

"Got work and private life no longer combined."

Ever since we had our second child, I had a hard time on both fronts. I walked on my toes at work and couldn't relax at home. A week's holiday didn't solve the problem either, so I started looking for a natural aid. The Positive Mind & Relax gave me the push I needed. I feel more relaxed and can take on the world again.

K.H. (Man, 32)