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Positive Mind & Balance

Be in perfect harmony

Reduces your lethargy1, improves your mood1 and provides support for your mental dip1

Listless, burnt out, emotionally unstable?

Time to find back your happy mood

Negative feelings that dominate, fear, not being in the mood: this keeps on going, you feel that you are balancing on the edge of a mental dip. Avoid or conquer this period of black clouds with Positive Mind & Balance and regain your cheerfulness and your self-confidence.




The power of
Positive Mind & Balance

Mental detox

Anxiety1 and lethargy1 are a result of negative (stress1) feelings. The active saffron1 in Positive Mind & Balance softens your mental dip and provides a much needed boost.

Preventive & reactive

Positive Mind & Balance supports people before, during and after a heavy emotional period.

Scientific proven

Positive Mind & Balance contains the extremely high-quality Saffranum®, from the high-quality Crocus sativus stamps. The effect of saffron¹ in terms of mental well-being has been scientifically proven.

the red gold

100% Saffranum®

Synergy of 3 powerfull substances 

'Saffranum®' from MOODLAB is a saffron1 with a extremely high concentration of active substances :

 7% Safranal

18% Crocines

13% Picrocrocines

This high-quality ingredient helps to maintain a positive mind1 and a good emotional balance1 .

usage instructions


Your ideal dosage


Starting dosage

During your start cure, we recommend 2 capsules a day. 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening, each time before meals.


For a start cure we recommend a lead time of at least 1 month.


Maintenance dose
After the start cure, we recommend a maintenance dose of 1 capsule every morning.


A minimum of a total cure of 3 months is recommended.
For this reason we can offer you a promotional pack  -25€


This can be taken as long as you think it is necessary.




“I went through a difficult period.”

After my divorce, I quickly started to feel gloomy feelings and depressive. That's why my doctor prescribed anti-depressants to me some time ago, but I didn't like that from the start. I feel much better in taking a natural product and so I started looking for it. Positive Mind & Balance has made a big difference for me personally.

V.L. (woman, 49 y)

"There was too much emotional pressure."

I used to take an energy preparation when I was feeling tired, but when my husband got sick that was no longer enough. In addition to the daily pressure, I suddenly got a heavy emotional pressure on top. I was looking for a natural aid and found in Positive Mind and Energy the ideal supplement to be positive again and with more energy in my daily life.

S.L. (Woman, 57)

"Got work and private life no longer combined."

Ever since we had our second child, I had a hard time on both fronts. I walked on my toes at work and couldn't relax at home. A week's holiday didn't solve the problem either, so I started looking for a natural aid. The Positive Mind & Relax gave me the push I needed. I feel more relaxed and can take on the world again.

K.H. (Man, 32)