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Happy Shot

Saffranum – Acerola – Guarana – Ginger

3-in-1 formulation

  • Support your positive mind¹
  • Boost your immunity³
  • Stimulate your vitality and energy²

Are you someone...

  • who wants to feel good, not only physically, but also mentally ?
  • who some days has a dip, but who would absolutely prefer to see the glass half fullinstead of half empty.
  • who knows that it is important to maintain a good immunity in order to be able to take a beating


Happy Shot



Being active is not only good for your mental and physical fitness, but also for your mental well-being. It protects you against fears, it is good for your self-image, self-confidence and it gives you the opportunity to “challenge”.



If your immunity level is low, it will be more difficult for you to get through the day happy & fit.

Seasonal changes, illness, stress can take a toll on your immunity. The lower your immunity, the more susceptible you are to a mental dip, but also the less quickly you get over your dip.



You want to give the best of yourself with full enthusiasm!

Being active and moving are a must for your physical, but also for your mental feel good, but sometimes the energy is lacking.

Happy Shot

So much positivity in 1 bottle 

Natural lucky charm


Happy Shot from Moodlab contains Saffranum® (www.saffranum.com), a high-quality saffron¹.

Saffron is the natural lucky charm that keeps your dopamine and serotonin levels in balance, so you keep your positive mood ¹.

Guarana² gives your physical energy a boost². The natural vitamin C³ from Acerola supports your immunity³. The ginger provides you with the zing and is a protective anti-oxidant .


A lot of positivity  in 1 shot  for a positive and active day!


100% natural botanicals

Guarana :


Guarana (Paullinia cupana) has been used by Amazon Indians for centuries. The Guarana seeds contain caffeine, which is the active ingredient. Guarana extract is used for fatigue and also for memory, it has the energy boost you need.

Acerola :


The acerola (Malpighia glabra), also called West Indian Cherry or Barbados Cherry, is a plant of the Malpighiaceae family. It is an exotic fruit from the Caribbean, which is very rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C supports the immune system of our body.

Saffron :


It is known that saffron¹ improves the state of mind. The many active compounds in saffron¹ stimulate the release of the right neurotransmitters to stay happy and healthy. To the saffron¹ 2 boosters were added that uplift your fitness²

Ginger :


Ginger comes from the root of the Zingiber officinale plant. It is used as a spice in many countries. Ginger has a fairly strong taste. Ginger is a very strong antioxidant. The Gingerols from the ginger are the active substances for the medicinal effect. A high content of Gingerols is a must.

100% natural



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