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Discover the secret of saffron, the natural Lucky charm


An ancient secret 

Saffron is called the “red gold” for a reason.

The natural healing powers of saffron has been described for centuries. The use of "saffron threads" to alleviate diseases can even be read on prehistoric wall paintings. By the way, did you know that the herb has its origins in traditional medicine? It is only later that saffron got its label of spice and coloring. Medicinal effect The medicinal effect of saffron has also been endorsed by recent scientific studies.


The saffron needs to be of high quality.

This means: a balanced synergy of the ingredients safranal, crocins and picrocrocins. If the product is qualitative and balanced, an amount of saffron (min 30mg) can provide support for negative feelings.

Read: the feeling of happiness gets a boost. The GABA receptors guarantee a calming and anti-anxiety effect.


Other qualities

The strong scent of pure saffron also gives many people a good mood feeling. Finally, in cosmetics, saffron is used as an anti-aging ingredient. And what makes a person more happy than looking young?


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Positive Mind

A little jar of happiness from nature

Reduces your lethargy1, improves your mood1 and provides support for your mental dip1

Reduces your fatigue², improves your physical readiness² and gives energy² in times of a mental and physical dip.

Positive Mind & Relax helps to maintain an emotional balance1, a positive attitude1 and physical performance such as resistance against temporary stress² en inner unrest².

Positive Mind & Sleep

Positive mind & Sleep promote next to a good mood¹, to fall asleep², support a healthy sleep² . So you wake up rested and fit in the morning.

Supports memory, learning, concentration, motivation² & contributes to the maintenance of good cognitive function²