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10 ways to create your own happiness




To be happy, we all want it so badly. We are constantly looking for things that make us happy. Nowadays a lot is written about this subject and how you can contribute to it. According to one, it is our way of thinking that drives our mood. The other swears that happiness is in “the little things”. What determines our happiness?


1. Smile

Do you know the feeling when you had to laugh well and the satisfying emotions afterwards? Laughing costs nothing and it makes you happy. If you're bored with something, try shifting your focus to something funny. A funny movie, a good joke, think back to things that made you laugh hard. You will see your worries fade quickly.


2. Dare to be alone

Being surrounded by people / friends is essential. But occasionally being alone is also important. This gives you time to reflect and unwind. Moreover, this is the ideal time to try new things. Search for new music, try out a podcast, read a good book, ... and try to enjoy it to the fullest. So dare to take time for yourself every now and then, without feeling guilty about this.


3. Open yourself up

By opening yourself up you get to know new people and you learn from them. Try new things, follow a course or a training. This will certainly give you a confidence boost. Opening yourself up is not always easy, but you will see that it is very enriching.


4. Accept your fears

Although we would prefer to ignore this feeling, it is good to think about it. Accept that fears just belong to life. This is not a sign of weakness, but rather an answer to uncertainties in life. Fears can help you make difficult life decisions. Share your fears with your environment, talk about it. You will see that this helps to put things into perspective and that your fears disappear more and more automatically.


5. little luck

Sometimes we are so busy with our work, family and / or school that we occasionally forget to enjoy the little things in life. We always want to perform and get better. Put this prestation urge aside and enjoy the little things around you. This corona time obliges us to slow down and makes us realize that we are used to a lot of luxury.

A sunset, your pet on your lap, a beautiful flower in your garden, a jar of strawberries, a brisk walk,… Fill in yourself what is a "little luck" for you.


6. Accept imperfection

Don't always feel guilty when you make a mistake. Everyone has a number of character traits that maybe are not perfect. Think of mistakes as a way to learn and do things differently next time. So accept that you cannot always be the perfect version of yourself.


7. Let go of what others think of you

We live in a society where we constantly seek confirmation from others. The number of likes or followers on your Instagram account has almost become a measure of happiness. Still, it is better not to depend on that confirmation. You better just do what makes you really happy, without thinking what someone else will think of it. Moreover, this gives you more confidence and that makes you more attractive to others. Nice, isn't it?


8. Structure

When you're in your daily, hectic routine, it can help to bring some structure to your days. A routine can make you calm and therefore happy. Schedule your meals at a fixed hour, schedule the household jobs at times that work for you,… A neat, tidy house can also make you happy.



9. Help others

We get happy when we can help someone. Are we happy to be helped ourselves? A listening ear, a pat on the back, a thank you, ... it can do so much good! Give a compliment more often, spend extra time with your family or friends or volunteer.


10. Respect yourself

As cliché as it sounds, love yourself the way you are. Never try to change yourself into someone else. You are who you are, with your gifts and your mistakes. Of course you have to add water to the wine sometimes. But changing yourself completely, that makes no sense.






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